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On this page we describe you the procedures by which we handle our website by Etcetera Communication srl, with reference to the collection of personal data related to users who visit the afore said page (referred to as “Users” or “you”). This information policy is in compliance with article 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 and Measure No. 229/2004 of the Italian Data Protection Authority.
The following policy apply when Users visit the website: (the “Web Site”), owned by the company Etcetera Communication srl, with registered office at Via Regina Cornaro 17 int.10, 31044, Montebelluna (TV), tax code IT04843810260 (referred to as “Etcetera” or “Company”). This policy is applicable to the Web Site only, not to other website visited by the Users.
This policy is in compliance with:

  • Italian Data Protection Authority ‘s decisions;
  • Reccomendation No. 2/2001 by the European authorites, which defines certain minum
    requirements applicable to data controller;
  • EU Regulation 2016/679.

We suggest you to read carefully this document before to provide us with your data, also within the scope to make you able to provide your consent freely and consciousness.


1.1. Data related to the Website navigation

We do not ask your name or other information to visit our Website. However, some data are collected by means of informatics systems or functional software that collect some personal data, whose transfer is necessary and implicit for the implementation of the Internet protocols. These data are not collected to be associated with a specific User but, for their kind, they could be useful to identify Users, through elaboration as well as matching of other data held by third parties. These data include, for instance, IP addresses or domain name linked to the User’s personal computer during the web connection etc… We use such data only to get statistic anonymous information regarding the Website usage and monitor its correct functioning; also, these data are removed immediately subsequent to their elaboration.

1.2. Data voluntarily provided

We collect data you voluntarily provide us with, such as those sent by email to the address you may find on the Website. These ones are usually identifying data of the User, such as name, surname, address, email address (also in order to reply your possible enquires), as well as other possible data you communicate us. More in detail, personal data can be collected when you subscribe our Website and/or send us request for information and/or informative material (for instance, newsletters, reply to questions, etc .. ) or where you voluntarily take part to our collection of opinions or feedback or to claim us.
Etcetera ask you to not provide us with sensitive data. We reserve the right to delete these kind of data in case you send them to us.


The Website may collect your personal data by cookies.
Cookies are file that can be sent by the Website to the User’s browser and may be used for a subsequent identification of your computer when you will be visiting our Website again. Also, they can be used to understand your preferences and, therefore, collect information related to Users and their behaviors regarded to the Website navigation. Such information can be used to provide you with a better service, personalize it on the base of your preferences, fill in statistic data and manage our Website as well.
Particularly, giving your consent, we may collect information related to your online activity, such as visited contents and pages. The collection of information from Etcetera is aimed to better understand your interests and preferences, in order to personalize your experience with our Webpage as well as send you advertisements fitting best with your preferences, habits and choices.
In any case cookies will not collect your personal address, phone number and credit card details.
You may set up your browser to accept all the cookies, deny them or receive notice anytime one cookie is sent, so as to take decision on a case-by-case basis about them. However, denying cookies will not allow us to provide you with our Webpage services.
Lastly, be aware that the following kind of cookies will be used:

  • technical cookies
  • Cookies aimed to:
    • navigation of the Website;
    • collection of data belonging to Users that visit tour Website (“cookie analytics”);
    • navigtion on the base of certain criteria, in order to make our service better.
  • The above cookies are directly downloaded by Etcetera and, since they are not used for scopes other than those above described, they do not require your consent;
  • Profiling Cookie by third parites;
  • These cookies are used by subjects different from Etcetera and require your consent. We report the link of the information policy of third parties in which you may give your consent to them:
  • Google
    • – cookie-usage
  • Facebook
    • – cookies

We collect data by means of authomatic instruments only for the time necessary to achieve our scopes. We use specific safety measures in order to prevent personal data loss, illegal or incorrect use or not authorized access.


We collect your personal data to:

  • a) Grant access and subscription to our Webpage. To such an extent, you should provide us with some details such as name, email address and birth date;
  • b) Consent the use of our Website and services, such as;
    • (i) provision of assistance and information, where requested by you, in relation to the Website
      (for instance, to reply your inquiries);
    • (ii) use of our services from the Website (such as participate to chat, forum or receive the

    You may not give your consent for the above. If so, you cannot be able to have access to our Website, use our services and receive what you required to us.

  • c) Except if required from time to time, we may collect your data without your consent when we need to comply with the law, regulations and European laws. You shall be obliged to provide us with such data and your denial will not make us able to comply with the relevant law.
  • d) carry on marketing and other activities related to products and services offered by us, both by automatic methods or without a carrier (for instance, sms) or in a traditional way (by phone or email) and/or reserved or private area of the Website.
    You may not give your consent for the above. If so, you cannot be able to have access to our Website, use our services and receive what you required to us.
    The collection of the above data requires your express consent. This one must be related to both automatic and traditional methods of communication above described.
    At any time, you shall have the right to oppose in an easy way and for free to the collection of data (in full or partially) for the above scopes, excluding for instance traditional communications;
  • (e) carry on profiling activities aimed to advertisement related to behaviors, related to products or other activities of the Company. This activity is carried by use of cookies and other technologies for the identification of the User and create profiles related to your preferences, habits as well as choices ectc. By doing so, messages can be sent to the User, on the base of his preferences. You may not give your consent for the above. If so, you cannot be able to have access to our Website, use our services and receive what you required to us.
  • (f) carry on market researches and assessments of the grade of Users’ satisfaction with the quality of our service and the activity run by the Company and/or by Etcetera, through personal or phone interviews. You may not give your consent for the above. If so, you cannot be able to have access to our Website, use our services and receive what you required to us.

We underline that the “legal ground” of our data collection is your consent.
In any case, any User shall have the right to the “portability” of personal data.
Be informed that collection operations include also use of automatic decisional processes and profiling.


We collect your data in compliance with Article 11 of the Code, mainly by use of informatic technologies and also by use of paper, with respect to the law s in force on confidentiality and safety.
We collect your personal data as above described in clause 3.
The Company takes any measure to prevent data loss, illegal or incorrect use of data or not authorized access to them.
Your data will be conserved within the time strictly necessary to reach the scopes according to which such data have been collected and they will be deleted where data conservation will not be justified otherwise. In any case, your data will be conserved no longer than 5 years from the date of their collection. Any data used within marketing and profiling aims will be conserved no longer than 5 years from the date of their collection, except when such data are made anonymous.


Subject to the limits and scopes provided by Clause 3, we may send your data to the following categories of subjects:
(i) companies related to Etcetera, operating as data processor or for administrative aims as provided by article 24 of the Code
(ii) natural persons or entities that provide services of different kind for the Company’s business and who act as data processors, such as:
– suppliers of services of the Website management;
– marketing companies;
– companies specialized in statistical researches;
– companies specialized in customers assistance;
– natural persons, companies, firms and other bodies that render services and/or activity of administrative, accounting, legal, fiscal, financial and informatics assistance related to in favor of
Etcetera etc.);
(iii) any subject or entity that need to receive such data in order to comply with the law or European
laws. These latter will operate as data controllers.
Also, the following type of subjects may be deal with your data as engaged by our side and within the aims described by clause 3: employees or associates of Etcetera or other companies owned by the parent company or consultants appointed as external data processors.
Subject to the above, your data may also be transferred to Pigreco Srls, with registered office at Montebelluna, Corso Mazzini 84/3, 31044 ( TV ), VAT 04878090267, which may use your personal data as data controller as provided by the following privacy policy You are asked so to read and give your consent to the afore said privacy policy.


Your data may not be published or transferred to countries outside the EU.


At any time, you may have the right to get confirmation of the existence or not of your data as well as know their content and source. You may also verify correctness of such data or require their integration or update, or correction.
You may also require your data to be removed, make your data anonymous or block collection of data collected in breach with the law or for illegal reasons.
Any request of the above kind must be sent in writing to the following address by email: [email protected]
Furthermore, as data subject, you may always have the right to withdrawal your consent for the collection of your data. This right may be exercised at any time upon written notice to be sent by email to the following address: [email protected]
You may have the right to notice the Italian Data Protection Authority to claim any violation of the privacy laws.


Your data will be protected and controlled with respect to the safety obligations provided by the applicable privacy law. More in detail, your data will be kept and controlled also in relation to the technological progress, kind of the data and specific features of the collection. To do so, we minimize, by means of proper safety measures, the risks of data disruption or loss, illegal or incorrect use or not authorized or not in compliance with the above described aims.


The data controller is Etcetera Communication srl with registered office at Montebelluna (TV), Via Regina Cornaro 17 int.10, CAP 31044.
Data controller’s details of contact: [email protected]
The data processor is Pigreco S.r.l.s., with registered office at Montebelluna, Corso Mazzini 84/3, 31044 ( TV ), VAT IT04878090267.


This privacy policy is subject to frequent amendments or updates. The updated version is available on this Website.
The present privacy policy is update as at 25/05/2018.


Your data will be conserved at datacenter located in Gravelines owned by Ovh S.r.l. in Via Leopoldo Cicognara, 7 – 20129, Milano – Italia.


Any one is not at least 16 years old cannot subscribe our Website. These ones may subscribe with the consent of their parents only, to be sent to the aforementioned addresses.